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In certain situations, each of us has a duty of care to those around us. We all hope to avoid accidents in our daily lives, and we should also do everything in our power to prevent fatal accidents from befalling others. When driving our cars or maintaining our private property, we have an explicit duty of care to those around us. When someone violates this duty of care and becomes the cause of you or those you love being in an accident, you are legally allowed to hold the responsible party liable for damages. At Pittman Law Firm, P.L., we have many years of experience helping accident victims seek justice and compensation for their injuries throughout litigation and settlement negotiation.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence, contact our Fort Myers negligence personal injury attorney at (239) 603-6913 to schedule a free consultation.

When clients choose to work with our team, they can expect dedicated legal professionals determined to fight for their best interests in every situation. Being injured in an accident can completely derail one’s life. When the negligent actions of another person are responsible for your injuries and suffering, our Fort Myers negligence personal injury attorneys will fight for you to be compensated. 

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Common Types of Negligence Cases

There are many types of negligence cases, and while most situations are straightforward, it’s important to know and understand how the different types of negligence impact a case. 

  • Gross negligence is the most serious form of negligent behavior or conduct. The victim would need to prove the at-fault party seriously violated their duty of care through reckless behavior that caused harm and injury to another person. 
  • Comparative negligence is used to defend against liability claims. An attorney may claim the victim was partially to blame or in some way contributed to the accident. If argued successfully, a comparative negligence defense can negate a plaintiff’s claim for damages. 
  • Vicarious negligence refers to a party or individual who is not directly liable for an accident they caused. This form of negligence is usually applied in cases involving young children or employees. If the direct cause of the accident is not liable, then liability is assumed by an associated party. An example of vicarious negligence would be if the parents of a minor child were held accountable for their child’s liability. 

Contact our Fort Myers negligence personal injury attorney at (239) 603-6913 to schedule a free consultation.

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At Pittman Law Firm, P.L., we are dedicated to our clients and helping them fight to restore their lives after serious accidents caused by the negligence of others. An accident can be financially draining. Emergency care, physical therapy, loss of income, and fewer opportunities due to physical limitations are types of economic damage that can be compensated in a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been involved in a serious accident, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of recovering from these injuries alone. Once you’re ready to begin fighting to be compensated for your damages in a personal injury case, choosing an attorney is vitally important. Whether your case moves forward or if you’re able to recoup damages hinges on the ability of your attorney to prove negligence. Fighting a negligence claim requires a team with experience in formulating concrete strategies based on evidence and investigation. Our Fort Myers negligence attorneys have experience fighting for accident victims like you. As soon as you’re involved in a negligence case, you should contact an attorney to discuss how best to proceed.

Contact our Fort Myers negligence personal injury attorney at (239) 603-6913 to schedule a free consultation.

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