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Can a Cyclist File an Insurance Claim?

When another person is at fault for a bicycle accident because of negligence or recklessness, such as drunk driving, speeding, texting, or disobeying other traffic laws, that individual can be held financially responsible for damages a cyclist has suffered. The bicyclist has the right to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance to seek compensation. 

To pursue a fair settlement, the cyclist must prove that the other party was responsible for the accident. Generally, that means demonstrating the other person’s negligence was the cause.

Proving negligence requires showing that the other party:

  • Owed the cyclist a duty of care,
  • Breached that duty of care, and 
  • Caused the cyclist to suffer damages because of their breach.

A bicycle accident attorney in Naples can help file an insurance claim and develop arguments to present to the carrier.

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What Is a Bicycle Accident Case Worth?

A cyclist can seek financial recovery for economic and non-economic damages resulting from an accident. Economic damages include things such as medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning capacity. Non-economic damages consist of losses without a specific dollar amount like pain and suffering and emotional distress.

The amount of compensation a cyclist can receive depends on various factors, most notably, the severity of the harm they suffered. 

Injuries sustained in a bicycle accident can include the following:
• Lacerations
• Facial injuries
• Broken bones
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Paralysis

Severe injuries often require more extensive medical treatments, long-term care, and more time missed from work. Thus, victims may receive greater compensation in these types of cases.

A Naples bicycle accident lawyer can reach out to professionals to evaluate the value of a case. They will also gather evidence, such as police reports, witness statements, and photos of injuries, to determine a fair amount to request from the insurance company.

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How Long Does a Bicycle Accident Case Take?

Bicycle accident cases do not have a set duration. Several variables may affect the length. For example, negotiations could take a while if the insurance company is unwilling to pay a fair settlement. Or if talks with the carrier do not end favorably, the cyclist and their personal injury attorney could take the matter to trial.

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