Kristin Pittman Becomes Florida Accredited Claims Adjuster

At Pittman Law Firm, P.L., our goal is to continually hone our skills so as to better serve our clients. Whether through additional training or certification programs, we take the time to expand our knowledge of Florida personal injury law.

This was recently evidenced by our firm's own Kristin Pittman. She took the time to become a Florida Accredited Claims Adjuster and currently possesses a 6-20 all-lines adjuster license. The unique benefit of this license is that it allows our firm to see accidents from the side of the insurer, thus enabling us to assess all angles of a personal injury case.

What Does it Take to Obtain an All-Lines Adjuster License?

Prior to applying for an all-lines adjuster license, each individual must have certain prerequisites. The prerequisites vary from applicant to applicant, but can include possessing an insurance degree, being licensed as a General Lines agent, or being licensed as an Accredited Claims Adjuster.

Certain applicants may also be required to take and pass an exam before obtaining their all-lines adjuster license. The exam is rigorous and assesses the knowledge and skills of the test-taker on many different levels.

This certification is a serious advantage for clients who come to our firm. Personal injury claims are complex and should only be handled by an attorney with the proper level of training and talent. This is precisely what you will find at Pittman Law Firm, P.L.

Turn to our Fort Myers personal injury attorneys for the dedicated representation you need after an accident caused by someone else's negligence! Our team is here for you.

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