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What is a Contingency Fee?

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Just like any other service, attorneys are compensated for the services they offer. However, in many personal injury cases, it is not uncommon for survivors of an accident to experience substantial financial hardship due to their injuries. Instead of charging a client up-front for legal services, some attorneys represent cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client will only pay if the attorney successfully recovers compensation.

How it Works

Attorneys who accept cases on a contingency fee basis take a previously agreed-upon percentage of a client’s recovery. There is a substantial amount of risk involved in accepting cases like this, so an attorney will closely review the details of your case before choosing to represent you.

The two biggest factors that will determine how much your attorney gets paid are:

  • How complex is the case is and how much risk is involved?
  • Who will pay for the cost of litigation and when?

Generally, the riskier a case is, the higher a contingency fee will be. Therefore, it is important not to compare yourself to others. No two cases are exactly alike, so contingency fees may vary from case to case.

Different Types of Contingency Fees

There are two variations of contingency fees – a contingency hourly arrangement and a mixed hourly-contingent arrangement. With a contingency hourly arrangement, you will not have to pay your lawyer until compensation is recovered. Your lawyer will keep a record of the hours worked and, upon receiving compensation, you will pay your attorney’s hourly rate. It is a variation of the contingency fee arrangement that is most seen in circumstances when a lawsuit is subject to laws that permit the winner to recover attorney fees from the losing side.

With a mixed hourly-contingent arrangement, you will immediately pay a portion of your attorney’s hourly rate, and the remainder will be paid once you receive compensation.

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