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Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries and chronic pain. Regardless of what caused your slip and fall accident, the impact your body takes in a fall can be traumatic. The most common injuries sustained in a slip-and-fall accident include the following: 

  • Broken Bones: Falling onto appendages or using an arm or leg to break your fall can lead to bone fractures and severe bone damage. 
  • Spinal Injuries: When someone falls backward, which can happen in slipping accidents, it’s not uncommon to land on one’s back. Falls, where one’s back is impacted, can lead to herniated discs and vertebrae fractures. 
  • Facial Injuries: During slip and fall accidents, falling on one’s face is not uncommon. If your face strikes the ground, you can experience broken teeth, serious cuts, and jaw and nose fractures. 
  • Neck Injuries: Neck injuries can occur from the impact even if you break your fall with your arms and legs. Whiplash is a common neck injury that happens when the delicate tendons and nerves in the neck are damaged from forceful back-and-forth movement. 
  • Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injury: When your head collides with a hard surface, the violent impact can cause brain injury. Even if the head doesn’t impact a surface, the force of the impact can shake the brain enough to cause trauma. 
  • Chronic Pain: Falling can lead to severe injury, and while your body can heal from the trauma, many victims experience long-term pain from their injuries. 

Slip and Fall Accident in Fort Myers Call Pittman Law Firm, P.L.

Being injured in a slip-and-fall accident can alter the course of your life. The slip and fall accident attorneys at Pittman Law Firm, P.L. can help you confidently file a claim against the liable party in your case. Our experienced attorneys have served the residents of Fort Myers and nearby communities for over 25 years. You don’t have to shoulder the stress of a lawsuit alone. Our Fort Myers slip-and-fall attorneys will help you recoup your losses and begin your fight for fair compensation. 

When you’re ready to seek compensation for damages in a slip and fall accident, contact the Fort Myers slip and fall accident attorneys at Pittman Law Firm, P.L. today! Call (239) 603-6913 to schedule a consultation with our team!

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