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Why is BP settling claims resulting from the Oil Spill in the Gulf?

Pittman Law Firm, P.L. is working in conjunction with a team of lawyers to most aggressively and properly handle BP Settlements for Businesses. Several of these Lawyers sit on the Actual Steering Committee for the BP consolidated Multi-District Litigation in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In my talks and discussions with people interested in representation, it has become clear that there is a great deal of confusion over BP's incentive to settle with businesses on Florida's Gulf Coast and confusion over how or why their businesses would qualify.

I certainly have my speculations, knowledge and suspicions as to why BP has decided to settle and I freely share these in meeting with clients and prospective clients. It would not be truthful for me to assert "That I know the answers" as this is information which BP officials would only truly be privy to.

It is truthful for me to relay that the decision has already (in some respects) been made that you qualify. There is a process involved and our team will proactively work to obtain the highest settlement award for your business. The settlement fund is unlimited and we welcome your call or meeting for a chance to better explain what options you have and why your business may be entitled to compensation from the fund. We look forward to helping you.